Bio Gas Holders

Designed for the collection of biogas from farms and the waste water industry. The gas holder comprises an outside cover which is pressurised by constant airflow fans and an inner bag that can move freely inside. The gas in the bag is kept under constant pressure from the fans pressurising the external cover. Gas is captured from the bio digester and stored. It is then delivered to the site generators to produce zero carbon power or back to the bio digester to heat the water for the most efficient microbiotic production.

We have supplied gasholders from 50m3 to 5000m3.

Customers include:

  • Earth Tech

  • Water Development Services

  • South West Water

  • Landustrie Sneek

With our partner Marches Biogas, who specialise in the engineering side of building bio digesters and controlling the gas in and out of the holder, we can provide the complete turnkey solution.

Visit the Marches Biogas website


Bio-Gas Holder from Flexitec

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