The Building that Floats

Shed float is an inflatable building that is designed to sit on the water.

Its primary use is as a temporary building to enable boats to be stored and worked on under cover without taking them out of the water.

It can be virtually any size to accommodate the smallest to the largest private yacht.

There are two types of building. A stand alone structure that can be used as a maintenance facility or a more temporary structure that is rigged over the boat on its marina berth.

All the components are separate for ease of transport and assembly using the minimum number of people.

Built from a high specification polyurethane fabric it is strong.

The main float tubes are split into sealed sections with internal bulkheads. Each section has its own valve and pressure release valve. If one section is damaged there is enough reserve buoyancy to support the structure.

The water ballast pocket prevents the shed float from being lifted out of the water in strong winds. It is separated into a number of compartments to minimise water movement inside the pocket.

It is simple to construct and use.

Shed floats from Flexitec Limited

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